On October 11, 2001, Amy Pietz & Kenneth Alan Williams brought Annie Dorsen's stage adaptation of 'Xanadu' to the 99-seat Gascon Center Theatre in Culver City, CA. What was thought of as a small "high school play"-sized dare turned into a month long major party for everyone, in front and behind the stage, celebrating the movie, it's camp and the optimistic era it came from. Countless local fans came out to join these largely sold-out parties, some numerous times including a few of the films original crew!

What follows is just the tip of the iceberg from Simone Hodges photo collection lifted from her original Xanadu Live! fan site. Unfortunately, due to selfish bloated egotistical legal baloney, Simone was asked to take the site down for awhile. However, she did allow us to share a few XL! moments with you!

Thanks to Simonie Hodges and Roman for the pix.

Here's Co-Producer Amy Pietz getting in the mood and skates
in front of a 'Xanadu' display case in the theater lobby.



These are the many faces and costumes of Kira, courtesy of Cheryl Lynn Bowers.



The 'Xanadu' Trio...XL! version left to right:
Dustin James as Michael Beck as Sonny
Cheryl Lynn Bowers as ON-J as Kira
Kenneth Alan Williams as Gene Kelly as Danny



A minor character getting a royal treatment:
Paul Schackman as James Sloyan as Simpson.



The muses following a XL! fan!



The full XL! cast on closing night.



Adios amigos!