Odds & Ends

Mediascene Prevue, September-October, 1980 - Cover shot.

Swing LP - The cover of the "Swing" LP, the record project that was inspired by Xanadu (as noted in 'The Story of Xanadu' in the Prelude pages)

Publicity Kit Cover - This is the cover of Xanadu's huge publicity kit. When you open this folder, you find a small stack of photos in the left pocket and, in the right pocket, printed material like publicity notes & articles, complete credits and ad shots. A rare and a freakin' MUST for Xanadu fans.

May Co. Department Store - September, 1980

Ladies Home Journal, August 1980 - This was an extract from a two-page ad for dresses that were sold at "Xanadu Boutiques" in selected department stores.

LA Weekly, 1998/99 - These are some of the early ads for the 80's Xanadu dance club mentioned near the end of "The Story of Xanadu."

Xanadu Fest II - On Friday April 19, 2002 Emily Clawson & B.C. Sterrett had a Xanadu Fest! See Flyer here.