A Merger of Media
Robert Greenburg, Robert Greenwald and Don Bluth talk about the concepts behind the making of Xanadu. Taken from Millimeter Magazine, September 1980.

The Cutting Room Floor

Scripts that never made the cut!

The Xanadu Ad's

Featuring ads from Billboard, Record World and lots of other tidbits.

Odds & Ends

Featuring ads from Billboard, Record World and lots of other tidbits.

Xanadu's Shooting Locations

On August 8th, 1998 (Xanadu's anniversary date), Don O took to the sweltering Los Angeles streets and, armed with a camera, took pictures of various Xanadu related sights.

The Pan Pacific Building - May 14th 2002

On May 14th, 2002 Don O returned to the original site of the Auditorium to personally
check out the newer version with a camera!

Xanadu Live! Photos
Thanks to Simonie Hodges, XPS is pretty damned happy to show you just a small part
of her prized photo collection from the late and great Xanadu Live run in Culver City
from 2001!

Xanadu Tattoo

Could this be a first? A tattoo of Kira!

The Xanadu Thing

Ripped from the pages of "The Many Obsessions of Don-O" trading card set. By Don Fields, 1996.

Hopelessly Devoted To ONJ

One Man's collection of ONJ material may leave some running and ducking for cover.
The name of the collector has been left blank to protect the obsessed.

Down To Earth

Xanadu isn't the only filmed musical that used a greek mythology plot line.

Kubla Khan

In the movie there is a scene when Kira (Olivia-Newton-John) is reciting the first lines of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem 'Kubla Khan'. We have included the poem in it's entirety for your reading.