#2130 40-B Rev. 11/5/79 61 CONTINUED KIRA You have to look at things differently to see what's there. You can do anything you want. A man and woman are just passing KIRA (to them) Excuse me. See that painting? They just casually glance at it. MAN Yeah...? KIRA It's pretty good, don't you think. MAN I don't know. I never really looked at one before. KIRA Well, look at that one. The man and woman look up at the displays. MAN Hey. That one's good. KIRA He did it. WOMAN I like that one, too. She points to another one Sonny did. KIRA Another one of his. Several people stop on their way in or out of the store and look up to what the other people are looking at. KIRA (to the first woman) His name is Sonny Malone. He's a famous artist, you know. WOMAN (impressed) Really? SONNY (to Kira) What're you doing? KIRA Showing you what you don't see. He's be glad to sign it, wouldn't you Mr. Malone? Sign. Sonny takes the pen. He's awkward for a moment, then gives in SONNY (to Kira) Okay. He signs the album cover. YOUNG GIRL Thanks. Now it's really special. She walks off with the album cover. Another young guy also has the album. OTHER GUY Would you sign mine, too. SONNY Sure, why not? And with a flourish, Sonny signs the album. SONNY Anybody else? KIRA We can't stay too long, Mr. Malone. We're due at the theater. (to the people) Sorry folks, you know how it is with celebrities She takes his arm and ushers him to the car. SONNY I was just beginning to enjoy it. Hey, where are we going? CUT TO 62 THRU 64 OMITTED 65 EXT. MOVIE THEATRE - NIGHT - SONNY & KIRA drive up to an old movie hours. Some people are just buying tickets and going in. They get out of the car. Two people have just purchased tickets as Sonny and Kira get to the booth. Sonny takes out a couple of bucks and passes them through the small window. The lady selling tickets is another of Kira's sisters. She punches the two tickets through. Only the vaguest recognition passes between Kira and the sister. SONNY What is this place? KIRA People used to get dressed up to come here. It was like a night on the town. For twenty-five cents you'd see a movie and a stage show. They even gave away dishes. SONNY How do you know? KIRA I just know. Sonny and Kira go the the theatre entrance. Taking tickets is another sister. Sonny gives them to her and she tears them in half. Sonny and Kira go in the theatre. 66 INT. THEATRE - NIGHT In the lobby. It's a beautiful old place with a grand staircase and architectural touches that are from an era long past. There's a waterfall in the lobby. SONNY It's beautiful. I've never been here before. KIRA Hardly anyone comes here any more. SONNY It looks like it's dying. In a year it'll be a parking lot. KIRA Don't say that, something this beautiful can't die. SONNY Look at that fountain, it looks like a waterfall. KIRA What does it make you think of? SONNY A lot of different things. I've been working on something and it's not exactly this place, but it should have the same feeling. KIRA Tell me about it. SONNY I can't -- It's just a feeling. KIRA Open your eyes -- look carefully. SONNY I'm looking -- It's just a feeling. KIRA It's close, isn't it? SONNY Closer than ever. She gets up quickly. KIRA Listen. SONNY I don't hear anything. KIRA Just listen. Silence. And then the sound of music as if in the distance. She starts off. SONNY Where are you going? CUT TO 67 and 68 OMITTED 68-A EXT. CHURCH BAZAAR - NIGHT - FERRIS WHEEL Kira and Sonny riding a Ferris wheel. It's a small fair, set up in a parking lot. Food Stalls, prize booths and rides. KIRA I love it up here. It's like being on a cloud. Everything's so beautiful. SONNY This is what it should feel like. KIRA The place you were walking in? SONNY Yeah. It should feel like a carnival. With lights and music and... KIRA Like a birthday party and it's your birthday. SONNY You said tonight was going to be special. You weren't kidding. KIRA And it's not even half over. There's more. 68-B MAIN AREA OF BAZAAR Sonny and Kira do some of the the things offered at the bazaar. At one booth, Sonny wins a stuffed animal. The booth operator who gives him the prize is one of Kira's sisters. 68-C Kira and Sonny walking. He takes her hand. She swings his hand in hers and with that motion, Sonny spins her slightly into his arms. Their faces are close. There is a booth near them. Twenty-five cents to knock down bottles. The prizes are old things, DONATED GIFTS, a sign says. The girl operating the booth is another of Kira's sisters. Sonny throws a ball. Misses. Throws another. Misses. One ball left. Gives it to Kira. She flips it up in her hand once or twice, looking at him. The meaning is clear; so you think I can't do it. She effortlessly tosses the ball and knocks down all the bottles. Turns to Sonny. Easy. She points to the prize she wants. It's an old waffle iron. SONNY What do you want that for? KIRA I like it. The sister hands Sonny the prize. They look at the bazaar. SONNY I keep getting these thoughts... Little pieces of things that keep popping into my mind. KIRA What kind of things? SONNY I don't know. They're hard to say. KIRA Try saying them anyway. SONNY Well, it's like everything's connected. Everything we did tonight. The record store, the movie house, this. It's like they're telling me about the place I've been working on... I just don't know what it is. KIRA Then stop trying. Just let it happen. SONNY What if nothing happens? KIRA Not a chance in the world. Not tonight. Tonight magic happens. SONNY You're like a kid, you know that. You really believe you can have everything. KIRA You can. Sit back and enjoy the ride. She takes his hand and leads him away from the booth. She makes eye contact with her sister. Just as they walk away, the sister picks up a square package wrapped in old brown paper and string. She hands it to another sister who is just passing the booth. That girl gives it to another who is just passing on the merry-go-round who in turn hands it to another who is on the ferris wheel who in turn gives it to another sister on a different ride until the package is placed in a bin with a sign on it reading: EVERYTHING - 50cents. And at just that moment, Kira and Sonny get there. KIRA Look at that... SONNY At what? KIRA That painting. Kira takes out the package and gives it to Sonny. KIRA Open it. Sonny starts opening the package. 68-D A PAINTING - IT'S OF LUNA PARK AT NIGHT Kira and Sonny away from everyone else. KIRA It was called Luna Park. When it opened it was the most beautiful place of all. SONNY I never heard of it. KIRA Hardly anyone has. But once... once it was fantastic. People used to come from all over just to see Luna Park. Going there was like going into a fantasy. SONNY How do you know? KIRA You can see it in the painting. When it got dark, that first night, when someone threw the switch... the whole park lit up. It was like... SONNY Like magic. KIRA Yes. Like a magical dream that had just come true for everyone at the same time. You danced and laughed. It was beautiful. Sonny looks at the painting. SONNY It's all here, I know it. All the bits and pieces. KIRA Just put them together. Think of the things you just saw, think of how they made you feel. It's your dream. SONNY They made me feel like I could do anything. CUT TO 69 OMITTED 70 INT. SONNY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT - SONNY & KIRA KIRA Well then do it. Here it is. Just put it together. SONNY You make everything sound so easy.... As she talks now, she repositions some of the drawings on the wall. It's as if she's not really paying attention to where they go. They do, however, go in an order that makes them begin to be something. KIRA When that man said he thought your painting was terrific, what did you think? SONNY It made me feel good. KIRA And when we were in the old movie house, what did you think about? SONNY ...That places like that don't exist anymore... and they should. KIRA And what were you thinking at the carnival? She's still changing positions of drawings. SONNY That it was the closest I've ever felt to what I wanted to build. (pause) This is what the entrance should look like. He repositions a drawing. SONNY And these are the walls... I'm gonna make the stage look like this.... He positions the waffle iron to be in front of the drawings. SONNY And the fountains off to the side... He repositions the aquarium spout. He is still not totally paying attention to the work he's doing. SONNY I want it to be like everything we saw tonight. KIRA And they'd have to check their problems at the door. You could have a problem checker, fifty cents a problem. SONNY And if they left with the same problems, they get their money back. KIRA Give them a dollar. At least they'll get something out of it. SONNY My dream is to build a place where I'd dance with someone I'd love. Where everything's taken care of. Where you don't have to do anything except enjoy yourself. KIRA Do you have a name for it. SONNY Yeah. I always knew what I wanted to call it. KIRA What is it. SONNY Xanadu. Now all movement stops. He looks at what he's done. It is complete. She unfolds a paper from her pocket and pins it to the wall. SONNY That's it. That's what I've been trying to do. Kira, it's Xanadu.... He looks down. The room is empty. The only movement is the little oriental doll. It's head moving up and down in a yes gesture.