One of the rare items you might find in the original XANADU press pack are ad sheets. These sheets feature XANADU newspaper ads of various sizes. You can see most of them in the Only Olivia Xanadu section.

However, as the release date for the movie was approaching and/or just past the date, the design of those ads had changed, mainly to rely on the success of the soundtrack and quite less on those reviews they were hoping (or not hoping) for.

What follows is a small collection of those different ads I managed to collect and that survived over the years. Even though many of them were copied on very old library Xerox machines (
the finished paper would have a smell to 'em), you'll easily see the details.
LEFT: for what it's worth: this happens to be the very last XANADU ad to appear in the LA TIMES. BELOW: this is a full page ad that place in the LA TIMES Sunday edition.