The following are a loose extraction of my now-former Xanadu-related Billboard ads collection.

     Some of these ads usually and identically appeared in both Billboard (the biggest record/media weekly magazine) and Record World (the runner-up that went out of business three years later) at the same time with a few rare exceptions. This is no means a complete set here, so if you should know of any ads out there that we don't have here, please tell or
send it to us and we will post them her

Billboard, May 24, 1980 - This double page ad is for the first two singles, I'm Alive and Magic

Record World, July 5, 1980 - Announcing the gold status of the first two singles and the first for the soundtrack.

Billboard, August 2, 1980 - Announcing the gold status of the LP and the next two singles, All Over the World and Xanadu

Record World, November 22, 1980 - This one announces the final U.S. single, Suddenly. (This ad was placed only in Record World and not Billboard.)

Hollywood Reporter, January 23, 1981 - During this time of the year, movie studios would place ads like this in industry publications to bring attention (and possibly influence) to the Academy members (the 'Oscar' folks) for nominations. This one was for John Farrar's Xanadu contributions (Magic and Suddenly) It is not known if Lynne got a similar treatment.

Billboard, January 19, 1980 - Before all this publicity started, Universal Studios placed elaborate fold-over ads like this (which folded out to reveal Olivia's facial shot to be used for all print ads) to announce the movie itself to stir early interest. There are two known versions of this ad; this one is the later version. Note the back cover: this was the early revision of the credits and the  familiar logo instead of it's early design, there are three writers instead of two and, most notably, musical score is credited to Jeff Lynne for ELO.

Publication Unknown, 1979 - This is the back page from an early version of the elaborate ad. The exact date is unknown, but it is believed that it was placed to announce Gene Kelly's casting. Everything else was the same as the later version.

Variety, October 30, 1979 - Universal put out this huge four-page ad announcing their releases for 1979 and 1980, including, of course, Xanadu. Not seen in this photo excerpt are blurbs for The Jerk, 1941, The Blues Brothers and The Gong Show Movie.

Here's a ramdom sample of ad's for the ELO singles publisher in UK music papers. Sadly, we don't know what the exact date or publications these are from.

Los Angeles Times: Here's a small collection of ads that appeared during XANADU first run release. These were very different from those featured in the movie's press book