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What started out as brief accidental series of out of print zines on the history and fandom of ‘Josie’ and DeCarlo from the mid-90’s has turned into a long delayed and over due web site of the same name.

NOTE: This site deals with the comic books and the 70’s series, but not on the 2001 movie. So if you’re looking for anything on it, look for the latest Tara Reid nudies on Google. We’re strictly ‘old school’ here.
The latest news and whatnots of ‘Josie’, Dan DeCarlo & this site.
UPDATED Feb. 1, 2010

You may or may not be familiar with the long history of lawsuits that is been associated with Josie and Archie Comics. First, the long list receivers of C&D notices from Archies and there was the big one between DeCarlo and Archies during the time of the 2001 movie. Here’s a brief little slice of legal “fun” to make your head spin.

From here, you can find other internet pit stops of related fun.

How am us anyways?! Here, we pretty much spill the beans on how the original zine started and how and why it ended up here.
The main centerpiece of Jozine #1 and #3 was a large thorough article on the history of ‘Josie’ and Dan DeCarlo. Since both issues are now out-of-print, we're currently this up chapter by chapter!

What great fun are parodies (unless you’re a lawyer). Josie and Archie Comics are not different in from the rest of pop culture. Here is a small collection of loving jabs at these characters.

A section were fans scribe out their tributes to the pussycats.

Being a workaholic freelancer, Dan drew any pages other than Archies and here’s a small tip o’ the freelance mountain.

Whatever semi-related stuff we can’t squeeze in the other departments and are shelved here.
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