During the late 90's early 00's, The Xanadu Memorabilia Room was one of the most important
Xanadu sites during those early days of the 'net and the resulting bubbling Xanadu fandom. It
featured many rare artifacts from the massive collection from "Brian", rarest of which was a picture
of the 4 foot lighted double sided promo stand made for the theaters!

As that site is sadly gone, XPS will try its feeble attempt to fill in its shoes with this page, mainly from
photos from E-Bay auctions. Interestingly enough, many of the items on the Brian's old site were
won through E-Bay. Which means we'll watch for the lighted stand like a freakin' hawk!
RIGHT: This is a picture of the
promo shirt the studio handed out to
radio stations for promotional
contests for their listeners. I
personally remember bumping into
light gray sweaters with similar
Xanadu design. It's believed many of
the crew got these too.
LEFT: A promotional
button. Not much is known
about this one.
poll of film of the movie's
LEFT: This was the insert placed
inside the UK edition of the
soundtrack offering related
merchandise. Sorry, we don't have a
more detailed photo. Postcards
were also stuffed in these same
albums and you can see them at the
Only Olivia's Xanadu section.
BELOW LEFT & RIGHT: This was a ticket used by many radio
stations for free screenings of the film. You might recognize this from
XPS's banners.
RIGHT: You might recognize this jacket from near the
end of the movie when Xanadu opened, worn by the staff
and, notably, Sonny. This was also the movie crew jacket.
BELOW: This is the case that contained a recorded reel
of radio commercials for XANADU given to radio
BELOW: This is out of step with the page filled with promos, but I'll take a chance with this mishap redo
the old ADS section as Otis did that one and my inferior web knowledge will probably destroy it to oblivion.

This was submitted to us by David Mas. It's a photo of a Xanadu US subway poster....and it looks like it's
framed! He also says that this one is better looking than the UK edition. Whatta Guy!!
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