Mini Memorabilia Room
Second Room
Xanadu LP Mobiles

Xanadu fan and collector Todd Palmer has recently
posted pictures of his amazing Xanadu mobile collection.
First off, there a hanging mobile promoting the soundtrack.
BELOW: Finally, a real rare gem: a
counterpiece promoting the first two singles
from the soundtrack. Todd pointed out that
the muses holding the ELO and ONJ logo
aren’t Kira, as seen on the back cover of the
album, but a different muse.
David Estrada also posted pictures of alternative poster designs for the movie.
UPPER RIGHT: The second one is a personal favorite of ours. David
also pointed out that Kira is not wearing skates here as depicted in the
original ‘Suddenly’ scene.
Room One

If you remember, I posted page one of this spread elsewhere in this site. Well, the blog
My RetroSpace had just
posted the complete spread…all FOUR pages! I never seen the last 2/3rds of this before!

This posting also comes with a small correction. I originally mention that this particular spear was from Ladies
Home Journal, but according to the blog, this came from Vogue.

Glad to see this complete AND corrected!