Xanadu Movie
As mentioned elsewhere in this site, one of the rarest Xanadu promotional items was a slim lighted stand that was
sent to movie theatres. It approximately stood five feet tall and 2 feet wide and it back lit pictures from the movie on
both sides. I mention “approximately” as this description is based solely from personal rusty memory from the
opening weekend of 1980. I do clearly remember gawking at this colorful cardboard monolith that was placed next to
the snack bar, constipating how to sneak off with it under my jacket without getting caught. Needless to say, this bold
blind plan never got beyond my dizzy little head.

There have been many stands promoting the soundtrack and its first singles, thanks to the aggressive efforts of
MCA Records, but Universal Studios (
which was also a division of MCA inc.) only designed one stand for the
theatres which probably makes this stand rarer. Even more so are the pictures of the damned thing. The late
Xanadu Memorabilia Room site had a picture that I managed to print out, but thanks to a coupe of
moves, that too is now lost into eternity…..damn it.

This stand has been mentioned briefly a couple of times in this site, but without the aid of visual evidence….until
now, thanks to my barely functional PhotoShop skills. Below is a visual “approximate” of this rare gem.
According to Brian of the old “Memorabilia” site, each monolith came in a large box with an instruction booklet on
how to assemble it. The poor theatre employee would have to not only build but figure out how to wire and insert
the light bulbs into it…safely.

The purple base had the movie credits printed in white and it held the only loose movable piece, a cut out of ELO’s

Again, this is approximate, so I don’t know exactly what pictures that were used for this piece, but one would get
the idea of what level of excitement this stand was trying to generate, so pretty much any action–paced photos
were used no matter what.

Lately, I’ve been seeing the soundtrack stands and mobiles going for between 50 to 75 bucks when they spring up
on eBay. I can barely imagine what the price tag will be should this dodo bird crop up. Happy hunting and
bankruptcy filing, gang!

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