Chapter Five part two
Marc Rubel had his own blowback to deal with. Despite his early termination, his name remained on top of the screenwriting
credits. During the filming, he wanted to have his name removed or changed but his agent talked him out of it in fear of upsetting the
studio. He would later claim that the movie destroyed his career and it took many years of recovery. Still, he did admit that the movie
wasn’t all bad (
it was just “an easy target”) and gave Lynne and Farrar credit as their music was the film’s saving grace.

A few rare behind-the-scenes trivia were revealed in a UK/Channel 4 interview series called
Is This Your Life? in 1995. After a pre-
recorded telephone interview with Michael Beck talking about the film, Olivia explained the script problems in detail (
which got to the
point that the production was halted for a full day while the script was worked on, sometimes with the director touching it up himself)

and the directors dissatisfaction with the musical material as well as his claim that he personally doesn’t like musicals. Despite
these negative aspects behind the film, Olivia herself expressed her joy working with Kelly.

More facts were reveled during a screening of Xanadu on May 24, 2003, as part of
American Cinematheque’s two weeklong
program of 70’s and 80’s musicals. Gene Kelly’s widow, Patricia Kelly, and the cinematographer, Victor J. Kemper, were part of the
Q&A session after the screening. After the first question was volleyed from the host, “What went wrong?!”, Kemper mentioned that
Kelly was upset that large scenes was cut from the final number that featured him in a more expanded skating dance number and
the general mood on the set was “every man for himself”, while Ms. Kelly mentioned Gene was “bugged” that in some of those
same skating scenes had his feet cut off.
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